• The “Analytic Philosophy” in Review of Analytic Philosophy (RAP hereafter) refers to analytic philosophy in a broad sense. We thus welcome any academic articles concerning not only logic, mathematics, epistemology, and philosophy of science but also other areas, such as moral philosophy, political philosophy and aesthetics with an analytic-philosophical approach, or academic articles that engage with discussions in analytic-philosophical contexts. If either of these broad criteria is met, even articles on the history of philosophy, continental philosophy, or Asian and African philosophy can be accepted. 
  • RAP asks referees to try, where possible, to give positive comments that aim to help authors improve their articles, rather than merely to refute or criticize the articles.
  • Authors whose articles are accepted are requested to pay a reasonable fee for the publication of their articles. This system is introduced simply to cover the operating costs. We can also provide a discount depending on the circumstances of the authors.
  • Editorial Board Members (EBMs) are philosophers around the world with the capability of evaluating submissions from various philosophical fields. The terms of EBMs expire after three years, after which they may be replaced with new EBMs, with the membership reflecting changes in international philosophical trends. 
  • As an academic journal, RAP will not accept articles that slander others or gratuitously insult them. RAP intends to be academically neutral and has no specific agenda, aiming to function as an arena for open academic discussion.  

Editor-in-Chief of RAP, Masaki Ichinose

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