Vol. 1, No. 1

Published on May 18, 2021

For the Inaugural Issue of RAP

Masaki Ichinose
Masaki Ichinose It is my great pleasure to declare the launch of a new international journal on analytic philosophy...


Timothy Williamson
Timothy Williamson  The Review of Analytic Philosophy (RAP) deserves warm applause at its entry onto the world stage...

Research Article
Realism in Carnap’s Aufbau vs Antirealism in Goodman’s The Structure of Appearance

Ryo Osada
Ryo Osada Abstract Although Nelson Goodman’s The Structure of Appearance is the only contemporary succes...

Research Article
The Transparency of Desire as Motivation

Shuhei Shimamura
Shuhei Shimamura Abstract Evans claims that we introspect our belief that p simply by judging, at the fi...

Research Article
An Argument against the Methodology of the Manipulation Argument

Shohei Takasaki
Shohei Takasaki Abstract This paper critically examines one of the most influential arguments against co...

Research Article
Fictionalism about Impossible Worlds

Yusuke Satake
Yusuke Satake Abstract As philosophers have discovered theoretical limits of intensional frameworksfor a...
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